Google Cardboard The APP

Google Cardboard The APP

Google Cardboard App

The Google cardboard app is a simple, intuitive and easy to use application. To download it from the playstore, click here. Once you download and install the app, you may use it by inserting your phone into the google cardboard headset. To make your own headset, follow the instructions here. Not all android phones may be able to run the app. You need a reasonably fast phone for a jitter free 3D Virtual reality (VR) experience.

Using Google Cardboard App without the headset

Although the headset makes the 3D experience a whole lot easier, you may also try  the app without the headset. For this, you need a lot of persistence to merge two images into one so as to make it into a 3D image. To do this, you have to start the app, tap on the screen once you see the “exhibit” icon highlighted (in a headset you will have to click using a magnet). The exhibit application gives you 3D views of various masks. Once this is open, take the phone screen as close as possible to your eyes and try to merge the pictures (two of them) of the mask shown on screen into one. The image is bound to be blur at this distance. Start taking the screen away from your eyes while keeping the image stabilized as a single image. Very soon you will see the image getting sharper. Because your eyes are focussing farther from the screen level, you are bound to see two more images by the side of the 3D image, but you may ignore this. Once you train your eyes to see 3D, you will be able to see 3D with little effort.


Assuming that you have your headset ready, you may go forward and explore the app. The following applications are the ones which are available on the Google Cardboard app.

  1. Tutorial

This is a “sub-app” which tells us how to use Cardboard. Nothing much here apart from the basic details.

  1. Tour guide

This is a fascinating VR tour of the palace of Versailles in France. What you see here is the façade of the palace as soon as you click the icon. At the next click you are taken inside the palace where you can look around panoramically as though you were in the palace!

  1. Windy day

This is a 3D animated short. What we see here is a scene from a windy day. One can look around panoramically and follow the hat as it flies away!

  1. Earth

Fly at low altitude and fly down to interesting locations and explore them.

  1. Youtube

This clearly is the best among the apps on Cardboard. Enjoy a full HD experience on a wide screen. To select a video, look around on a spherical panorama with the latest videos, focus on a video for a few seconds to select it.

  1. Photosphere

Photospheres are created using the google camera app. Using the Photosphere app on google cardboard, pan around your spherical images without having to use your mouse!

  1. Street Vue

This app shows you around Paris on a summer day.


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